AQUACREST Car Washing Inline Water Filter, Reduce Hard Water Spots, Soften Water, Upgraded Formula

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Product description
Key Features:
  • The 5-micron filter aperture can efficiently filter out impurities and offer quality water.
  • Effectively reduces water spots caused by air-dried minerals after car washing and yard cleaning.
  • The filter is ideal for car washing, yard and fence cleaning.
  • The filter can fit pressure washers.
AQUACREST Outdoor Water Filter
AQUACREST is committed to producing all kinds of safe, efficient and cost-effective filtration products to provide you with professional and comprehensive water purification solutions.
The high-capacity inline filter can continuously work for 1 month, depending on the local water quality.
The inline filter fits any standard 3/4" hose thread and pressure washer.
Upgraded formula Unlike the single filtration that other brands offer, our upgraded composite filter contains superior resin. The filter effectively reduces water spots without the need for a cloth, thereby saving you time and effort.
Efficient filtration Multiple filtration efficiently reduces harmful elements such as chlorine, bad taste and odor. It also reduces sediments, thereby better protecting the paintwork of your car. The 5-micron filter aperture can efficiently filter out impurities and provide quality water.
Cost-effective To save money, use this filter to wash your vehicle instead of relying on expensive car washing services. It is a more cost-effective method that will also better clean your car.