Aquacrest Replacement for Water Filter Pitcher

by AQ Admin on May 11, 2023

pouring water into a glass from a pitcher
Clean water is essential for maintaining good health, and pitcher water filters are a popular way to ensure that your drinking water is free of impurities. There are several brands of pitcher water filters available, including PUR®, Zerowater®, and Brita®. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Aquacrest’s replacement filters for these pitchers and explain why they are a great choice for your home.

Working Principles of Pitcher Water Filters

All water filter pitchers work on the same basic principle of filtration. When water passes through the filter cartridge, it encounters a filter medium that restricts, absorbs, or rejects impurities. The filter media used can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, with some filters using physical filtration techniques, while others utilize chemical filtration techniques.
However, due to their small size, these pocket-sized filters can treat only a small amount of water and need to be replaced every one or two months to maintain their effectiveness.
Over time, old filters can become clogged with impurities and bacteria, which can affect the taste and quality of your water. Additionally, filters that are past their expiration date may not be as effective at removing contaminants, which can pose a health risk to you and your family. To ensure that you always have clean and safe drinking water, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and replace your pitcher water filter as needed.

PUR® Water Filter Pitchers

In terms of capacity, the PUR® water filter pitcher comes in three different sizes: 7 cup, 10 cup, and 11 cup. In terms of filtration performance, there are two types of PUR® water filter pitcher filters: PUR® basic pitcher filters (PPF900Z™) and PUR® plus pitcher filters (PPF951K™). Both types of filters are compatible with all PUR® pitchers and dispensers, and have a lifespan of up to 40 gallons or 2 months.

How do you replace a PUR® pitcher filter?

Follow these easy steps to set up, install, or replace a filter in your pitcher or dispenser:
For PUR® Plus filter with lead reduction: Soak the filter in cold water for 15 minutes. Then, hold the filter under cold running tap water for 10 seconds and let the excess water drain.
For PUR® basic filter: Rinse the PUR® filter under cold water for 15 seconds.
Then, insert the filter into the tray and push down while twisting it clockwise to lock it in place. If you insert the filter prior to putting the tray in the pitcher, firmly hit the bottom of the filter to ensure it is securely in place.

How much does it cost to replace PUR® pitcher water filter?

On the brand’s official website, the 3-pack PUR® Plus pitcher filter costs $26.99. At Aquacrest, you can spend less to enjoy the same filtration performance.

Aquacrest Replacement Water Filter for PUR® Pitcher and Dispenser Filter AQK-CRF-950Z

  • Premium filter material
  • The Aquacrest filter makes use of 100% natural coconut shell granular activated carbon, which has a surface area that is 2 times larger than a typical granular activated carbon. In addition, it contains micro-pores that effectively filter out harmful substances, resulting in a fresher taste of water.
  • International certifications
  • Aquacrest filter is NSF 372 certified. It has also been certified against NSF 42 standards to ensure the absolute reduction of 96.5% of chlorine, bad taste, and odors.
  • Multistage filtration
  • The Aquacrest filter utilizes multistage filtration technology, which includes a pre-filter layer containing natural coconut shell activated carbon and high-quality ion-exchange resin. This ensures that the filter provides maximum filtration for cleaner water. In addition to the basic filtration, the Aquacrest filter cartridge is excellent at reducing chlorine, mercury, rust, sediment, heavy metals, and suspended particles.
  • Compatible models
  • Interchangeable with Pur® Basic Pitcher Water Filter and Pur® Plus Pitcher Water Filter CRF950Z™, PPF951K™, PPF900Z™.

Zerowater® Water Filter Pitchers

The Zerowater® water filter pitcher comes in three different sizes: 6 cup, 7 cup, 8 cup, 10 cup, and 12 cup. The ZeroWater® pitcher filter is a 5-stage filter that uses Ion Exchange Technology to remove virtually all (99.6%) detectable dissolved solids. While it should be noticed a certain amount of users complained in the reviews that the pitchers they bought from zerowater have a flawed design—dripping while pouring water into a glass, and when pouring out it doesn’t funnel the water well.

How do you setup or replace a Zerowater® pitcher filter?

To disassemble the Zerowater® water pitcher, first remove the lid and water reservoir, and then unscrew the blue protective cap.
Next, from below, twist the new pitcher filter into the bottom of the reservoir and tighten it until there is a complete seal.
Then, fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Once the water has passed through the filter and into the body of the pitcher, fill a glass with freshly filtered water.
According to Zerowater®, their filters do not require soaking, flushing, or any other preparation prior to use.
Finally, test the water with your water quality meter to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

What is the cost of replacing a Zerowater® pitcher water filter?

The 2-pack Zerowater® pitcher filter costs $34.99, and the 4-pack costs $59.99. Aquacrest can provide you with more competitive prices.

Aquacrest Replacement for Zerowater® Pitcher and Dispenser Water Filter AQK-ZR-017

  • Advanced filtration media
  • Aquacrest water pitcher filter uses advanced filtration media to effectively reduce sand, rust, sediment, and bad taste in your tap water.
  • Multiple layers in one filter
  • The pitcher filter has 6 stages of filter membrane that are effective at reducing limescale, sediment, rust, chlorine, bad taste, and odor. Additionally, the ion exchange resin in the filter is specialized in lowering the TDS level.
  • New appearance design
  • The new design with a pull-top cap is convenient for you to install and the compact design aims to provide you with higher filtration efficiency without waiting and a smoother flow rate. Moreover, it perfectly matches the original brand without leakage.
    The newly designed pull-top cap makes installation more convenient, while the compact design provides higher filtration efficiency without the need for waiting and allows for a smoother flow rate. Additionally, it perfectly matches the original brand and does not leak.

Brita® Water Filter Pitchers

Brita® is known for its countertop water filtration products. They offer solutions for every household, including faucet filter systems and filtered water bottles. While their pitchers are easy to obtain and affordable to replace, they lack in TDS filtration. However, they effectively remove contaminants that affect taste and odor.

How do you change the water filter in your Brita® pitcher?

First, rinse the Brita® Standard Filter with cold water for 15 seconds.
Next, insert the water pitcher filter into the reservoir by lining up the groove and ridge.
Finally, add cold tap water and discard the first three pitchers of filtered water or use it to water plants.

How much does it cost to replace Brita pitcher water filter?

According to its website, the 3-pack standard pitcher and dispenser replacement filters from Brita® costs $18.39. While at Aquacrest, you can get 6 of the same product for a similar price.

Aquacrest Replacement for Brita® Pitchers and Dispensers Water Filter AQK-06

  • NSF Certified
  • Aquacrest replacement for Brita® Standard Filter AQK-06 is certified by NSF 42 and NSF 372. It can efficiently reduce chlorine, bad taste, and odor to ensure that you can always enjoy refreshing and tasty filtered water.
  • Multi-stage Filtration
  • Aquacrest filter maximizes filtration and ensures clean water by utilizing a pre-filter layer with coconut shell activated carbon and high-quality ion-exchange resin.
  • Long lifespan
  • Aquacrest water pitcher filter has optimal performance and a long lifespan of up to 2 months or 40 gallons. The specific use time depends on the water quality of the area.


Aquacrest’s replacement pitcher filters for PUR®, Zerowater®, and Brita® pitchers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain clean and safe drinking water in their home. These filters are affordable, long-lasting, and effective at removing contaminants from your water. By choosing Aquacrest filters, you can enjoy great-tasting water without having to worry about impurities or contaminants.

*The manufacturer’s name and a part number have been used for reference PUR poses only.